Sustainability & our suppliers

Traceability, accountability and fairness are at the forefront of our brand values allowing us to create beautiful clothing as sustainable as possible. We want our customers when can to know the full journey of their garments from the initial weaving all the way through to the final production. Our brand values celebrate slow fashion with the ideology less is more and investing in quality over quantity. At Laura Pitharas we want to celebrate the craft of our British suppliers please read below for detailed introductions to the suppliers who made our collection possible

Yorkshire Mill

Alfred Brown

Alfred Brown is a family run mill and weavers of fine worsted cloth who are based in Leeds, Yorkshire founded in 1915. Alfred Brown is a true example of British craftsmanship.

Alfred Brown is committed to the environment and their local community. Since 2016 the Mill has been powered by electricity supplied by wind farms and continually employ skilled people from the local community. All of Alfred Brown's wool is certified non mulsed ensuring ethical farming and good animal welfare is practised when producing the wool. At Laura Pitharas all our tailored fabrics are 100% Wool, wool is a sustainable natural material which has a long life, is biodegradable and can be easily be re-cycled into new yarns.

We visited the Mill in August 2021, it was a fascinating experience observing the start, middle and end process of the fabric weaving. The team at Alfred Brown were incredibly welcoming and happy to share their passion and detail of their work.

Read more about our visit here

London Hand Pleater

Rosamanda Pleaters

Kyri Hadjikyriacou the owner of Rosamanda pleaters has been hand pleating in London for over 40 years working with top British designers. Kyri designs the most intricate pleating patterns which he creates from scratch. He is incredibly talented and is one of the last hand pleaters in London with many companies out sourcing their pleating. It has been a great pleasure to watch, learn and work with Kyri on creating a bespoke pattern for our pleated Kilt which features a graduated pleat.

For more on Kyri please see our Journal page. Follow the post, "Meet The Pleater" for the full article and behind the scenes video of Kyri in his studio space in Tottenham.

Learn about our bespoke pleating here

Organic Fabrics

In our collection we have only used organic or natural fabrics. Instead of using cotton poplin for our tailored shirt we have opted to use an organic poplin cotton instead. Organic cotton farmers are not exposed to toxic substances during the productions and it uses up to 71% less water to produce in comparison to regular cottons. Our Organic bamboo silk have been made using 100% organic bamboo fibres and Oeko-Tex certified dyes. This fabric is also bio-degradable and the decomposition process doesn't cause any pollution to the environment. We have also used when possible GOTS approved organic cotton thread to sew our pieces.


All our linings are sustainable made from FSC & Eco Vera approved viscose. Viscose is a natural product produced from tree pulp. Our lining is Oekote certified.

Single breasted Jacket featuring our sustainable lining
Tuxedo Jacket featuring our sustainable lining
Tailored double breasted Coat featuring our sustainable lining


Both our sampling and production manufacturing is based in North London. Creating our colleciton close to home cuts down our footprint as the collection is local and not travelling many air miles to reach us at our studio in East London. 

A still of our patterns in our manufacturers in North London